Chemical EOR Evaluation and Design

The following outline represents the workflow for a typical D&M chemical EOR project:

• Feasibility study

• Laboratory tests
        • Surfactant-oil-water phase behavior tests
        • Live oil phase behavior studies
        • Chemical stability tests
        • Coreflood tests
        • Polymer rheology analysis

• Field-pilot design and uncertainty assessments
        • Coreflood simulation to acquire parameters for pilot design
        • Reservoir characterization studies
        • Evaluation and design of simulation cases to address
          key uncertainties
        • Analysis of different pattern and well geometries
        • Chemical injectivity and single well chemical tracer test design
        • Surveillance and data collection program during pilot operation
        • Uncertainty assessment and cost analysis

• Field-scale study
        • Upscale the lab tests and pilot design to field-scale study
        • Uncertainty assessment in field scale application
        • Detailed reservoir characterization and numerical simulation
        • Cost analysis for field-wide application

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