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D&M’s experience in Brazil dates back to the 1940’s and it has performed annual reserves certification studies for Petrobras since 2001. These studies involve an appraisal evaluation of fields distributed throughout the producing basins of Brazil, and include preparing third-party reports for submittal to the SEC. D&M has significant and ongoing expertise in the prolific “pre-salt” fields located in the Santos and Campos Basins, having evaluated all of these fields for several different companies, including Petrobras.

D&M has performed appraisal evaluations of exploration potential in a multi-basin portfolio for a major Brazilian company. The firm has provided advice to this client on strategies to maximize potential reserves with offset drilling in newly discovered fields. D&M’s experience with complex stratigraphic, structural, and reservoir engineering problems provides a foundation for any Brazilian project.


D&M has been active in reserves evaluations and appraisals throughout Colombia for several decades, having extensive experience in all producing basins in the country. D&M performs annual reserves evaluations for the government-owned oil and gas company, Ecopetrol, for both SEC reserves reports, as well as for submittal to the ANH, the Colombian oil and gas regulator. D&M also performs these types of evaluations for publically-listed operating companies with field assets in Colombia.


DeGolyer and MacNaughton has prepared a series of major reserves studies for more than 60 fields in India, during 1993, 2004, 2010, and 2011, which represent the majority of the active oil and gas fields in the country. Volumetric calculations of oil and gas in place and performance-based reserves estimates were prepared after detailed review of geological and engineering data from each field.

D&M is conducting ongoing reserves evaluations for the operator of a group of developing oil and gas fields in Rajasthan that represent the largest new oil discoveries in India in decades.

D&M performed an integrated geological and reservoir characterization study for the Neelam field, offshore from Mumbai. This study encompassed all aspects of technical evaluation of this large oil field, including detailed examination of geophysical, petrophysical, geological, and engineering data. A complex reservoir simulation model was constructed and history matched in order to identify means to increase both near-term and long-term ultimate recovery.

D&M performed a series of detailed reserves evaluations for the Panna, Mukta, and Tapti fields offshore from Mumbai following the transfer of operatorship from ONGC to private companies. These reserves analyses will be used, among other things, to support project financing for continued development of these fields.

D&M completed a reserves evaluation for the Hazira field in the Cambay Basin offshore from Gujarat, India. This gas and condensate field has undergone an extensive development expansion program and plays an important role in meeting the energy needs of the Gujarat state and surrounding region.

D&M recently concluded an integrated geological and engineering study to support financing for the Ravva oil field in Bengal, India.


D&M has performed reserves and valuation studies for more than 400 oil and gas fields in China for PetroChina, the publicly-traded portion of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the largest Chinese government oil and gas company. These massive studies include virtually every productive petroleum basin in China and were used for the initial SEC filing in 1999 for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. D&M continues to perform annual updates of all these reserves.

D&M has also assisted CNPC in reserves evaluations of most of its field portfolio outside China.

D&M has evaluated the largest offshore oil field in China on several different assignments.


D&M has been involved in Mexico since the beginning of the Mexican petroleum industry.  In 1910, D&M founder, Everette DeGolyer, identified the most prolific oil discovery of its time, the Potrero del Llano-4 well.  D&M has worked in Mexico with PEMEX conducting studies or annual reserves certification since  1943. These studies have involved onshore oil and gas fields, unconventional fields, and offshore oil, gas, and heavy oil fields for reserves and resources evaluations.  D&M’s extensive knowledge of Mexico’s hydrocarbon basins led to D&M being selected as one of the primary consultants for Mexico’s National Commission of Hydrocarbons, CNH.

For over a century D&M has gained unmatched knowledge and developed professional relationships with the petroleum industry in Mexico. Today, this unique experience assures clients with confidence in the new petroleum environment that is now unfolding in Mexico.    


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