Client Stories


DeGolyer and MacNaughton has evaluated most of the fields in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. The company has completed numerous gas certification studies on behalf of major international oil companies and joint ventures in support of investment in the monetization of Nigeria’s gas reserves and resources through the construction and expansion of various liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants. The understanding of the Nigerian gas business gained from these studies has enhanced D&M’s ability to serve clients in Nigeria, including major international oil companies, prominent members of the international financial community, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. As development activity has migrated offshore to deeper water, D&M’s evaluation activity has included many of the mega-projects associated with these deepwater fields.


D&M has conducted studies on most of the major oil and gas fields found both onshore and in offshore Tunisian waters, including the Didon, Ashtart, Adam, and other fields. Recent work has included the evaluation of discovered and undiscovered resources in the more remote areas of the country. D&M clients in Tunisia have included companies that operate the fields, as well as partners in the developments.


D&M has been involved in Yemen since before the first commercial field was producing in 1986. D&M has worked with every foreign oil company with commercial production in Yemen and has created field development reports that were presented to the government and financial institutions. The company has performed a wide variety of tasks including reserves analysis, exploration potential, detailed field development plans, and a nationwide assessment of gas resources.

D&M’s extensive knowledge of Yemen allowed the company to perform a gas reserves and deliverability study for the commercially largest fields. This report was used to assess the commerciality of building a pipeline from the producing area to the coast for export as LNG. This series of studies has been updated several times as the project has matured. After earning successful construction financing, supported by D&M’s evaluations, the LNG plant began operation in late 2009.

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