Client Stories


DeGolyer and MacNaughton has participated in large projects in Kazakhstan, especially in the Pri-Caspian region of Kazakhstan, and it has evaluated the reserves in the Korolev, Buz achi, North Buzachi, Konys, Bektas, and Saigak fields.


D&M has evaluated the reserves for more than 250 oil and gas fields for the national oil and gas company in Poland. Some of the most important fields evaluated are the BMB, Lubiatow, Zalesie, and Pryemysl fields.


D&M has performed a major study of the Dauletabad field in Turkmenistan. In addition, D&M performs annual reserves studies for numerous fields along the Amu Darya River.


D&M has evaluated the reserves for several of the key energy companies in fields located throughout Ukraine, looking at dozens of fields, including the Kovilnenskoye, Lutsenkovskoye, and Kharkivtsevskoe-Sarsky fields.


D&M has performed several studies related to major financing projects in recent years for some of the major operators in Uzbekistan, focusing on key fields such as the Gumbalak, North Guzar, Dzharkkuduk-Yangi-Kyzylchu, and North Nishan fields.


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