Integrity is the cornerstone of D&M, and D&M reports reflect the firm’s commitment to intellectual honesty. For more than 75 years, the firm has fiercely guarded its reputation in the industry and financial community for providing realistic, unbiased engineering evaluations and reports.

Professional staff relationships with clients are confidential and regarded as privileged. All data received from clients and reports provided are considered confidential. The final D&M report for a client will not be seen by any third party without client approval. Even the actual printing of the report in a specified number of copies is accomplished by D&M’s in-house printing facilities. D&M also prepares the maps, graphs, charts, slides, figures, and other material that the clients commonly require. All data, analyses, and recommendations attendant to a report remain protected both on and off-site through D&M security procedures.

D&M restricts activities exclusively to consultation and subscribes to a strict code of professional conduct in providing services to its clients. D&M does not work on a contingency-fee basis, nor does D&M own interests in any oil, gas or other mineral properties, or in the securities of corporations owning such interests. This independence helps assure the objectivity and reliability of D&M’s evaluations and reports for its clients and the financial institutions that rely on D&M’s word.

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