Understanding PVT Behavior Enables Producers to Unlock Shale Formations

The Eagle Ford Shale formation in South Texas has emerged as the foremost "liquids-rich" shale play around the globe.  As such, the use of production data analysis in the Eagle Ford Shale has tremendous importance in:

● Determining well/reservoir properties
● Establishing completion effectiveness
● Estimating future production

The Eagle Ford Shale presents additional difficulty in the form of fluid behavior characterization.  Near-critical PVT behavior (as in the case of the Eagle Ford Shale) is an important component of well performance, which cannot be overlooked during analysis and modeling.  In examining data from the Eagle Ford shale wells, D&M experts have developed a systematic workflow methodology that enables them to analyze and forecast production data in near-critical reservoirs that are similar to Eagle Ford. For more information on D&M’s expertise in forecasting production outcomes, send an email to its Dallas office.