Reservoir Simulation

DeGolyer and MacNaughton introduced its reservoir simulation services in 1967, and since that time the firm has completed hundreds of  integrated studies around the world.  D&M’s Reservoir Studies Division is dedicated solely to reservoir characterization and simulation.  The team members assigned to this division have an average of more than  20 years of industry experience.

The Reservoir Studies Division is a fully integrated team with a wealth of experience in all types of depositional environments, all methods of simulation, and designing of field development or rejuvenation plans. This division uses state-of-the-art geologic modeling software, such as IRAP-RMS and Petrel, and is well versed in most commercial simulators, including Eclipse, CMG, and also ACRES, which was previously ARCO’s proprietary simulator.

D&M has performed reservoir simulation studies on numerous deep water fields, as well as many fields undergoing water injection for pressure maintenance. The company uses its reservoir simulation capabilities to help clients with the following activities.

• Subsurface modeling
    ◦ Black oil
    ◦ Compositional
• Complex descriptions
    ◦ Geostatistics
    ◦ Corner-point gridding
• Enhanced recovery studies
• Field development studies
• Field rehabilitation studies
• Exploitation studies
• Surface network simulation
    ◦ Pipeline networks
    ◦ Process facilities
    ◦ Compression

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