Worldwide Petroleum Consulting


Knowledge and experience, along with leading-edge technology, and a commitment to integrity, give D&M the ability to provide the highest levels of service possible to its clients.

D&M’s service capacity is enhanced by the regional knowledge that is resident in each division and by the local presence of team members around the world and D&M’s willingness to go where customers need us.

For many of D&M’s assignments, time is of the essence, and our commitment to meet or exceed client deadlines is as critical to our evaluation as the report itself.

D&M has many long-standing relationships with clients, and many of them rely on the firm for recurring services, such as income projections based on current economic conditions or annual reviews of reserves estimates. Such enduring client relationships, allow D&M to work in a manner similar to auditing, but all D&M analyses and reports are based on sufficient independent work such that D&M can unreservedly support and defend its opinions as realistic and unbiased.