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Geophysicist (Dallas, Texas)

Geophysicist (Dallas, Texas)

January 26, 2018

• Analyze geophysical and geological data at the basin and reservoir scale to offer scientific and technical advice to improve production from designated reservoirs
• Analyze 2D and 3D seismic data to interpret the structure, stratigraphy, depositional origin, and lithofacies aspects of hydrocarbon reservoirs utilizing industry-standard methods, technology, and computer software. Demonstrated skill in subsurface mapping, fault interpretation, direct hydrocarbon indicator analysis, AVO, and seismic inversion
• Analyze other geophysical data including gravity, magnetic, vertical seismic profiles, borehole images, and 4D seismic
• Advise and quality control of seismic survey acquisition and processing techniques and workflows
• Data room evaluations, including quick-look and detailed assessments of exploration and production projects
• Use commonly available software to interpret geologic and geophysical data as input to build geocellular models, and to geophysically evaluate exploration and production projects
• Integrate data from multiple and disparate sources (e.g., client data, literature) to create a coherent and accurate geologic assessment of sedimentary basins, source rocks, reservoirs, traps, and fluid types; including unconventional gas and liquids-rich shale reservoirs, under various operating scenarios
• Strong communications skills and integrated multi-disciplinary team member
• Conduct courses and workshops for clients on specialty topics in geophysical analysis and subsurface data integration
• Prepare technical assessments, interpretative reports, and oral presentations encompassing all aspects of geologic basin analysis and reservoir characterization utilizing geophysical data

Minimum Requirements:
• Master’s degree in Geology, Geophysics, or a related Earth Science field, plus 3 years of experience involving analysis, interpretation, and numerical simulation of subsurface geological data.
• Demonstrated experience with seismic interpretation software (e.g., Petrel®, Kingdom®).
• Demonstrated experience with databases to analyze voluminous data.
• Up to 40% domestic and international travel.
• U.S. work authorization required.

DeGolyer and MacNaughton offers excellent benefits and compensation.

Next Steps:

. If interested and qualified, submit resume with cover letter. In subject line for email, indicate you are responding to the opportunity “Geophysicist”.

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