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Reservoir Engineer (Dallas, TX)

Reservoir Engineer (Dallas, TX)

July 24, 2019

D&M seeks an experienced reservoir engineer to work in integrated teams while performing independent evaluation of properties, fields, and reservoirs to estimate recoverable quantities, classify and categorize those quantities as reserves or contingent resources according to multiple industry standards, and communicate those results through verbal and written reporting.


  • Evaluate oil and gas reservoirs to estimate reserves and contingent resources according to industry standards. Familiarity and experience with the Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS), United States Securities and Exchange (SEC) Regulations, National Instrument 51-101, and other worldwide reserves/resources systems desired.
  • Utilize multiple methods for estimation, including performance analysis through decline curve analysis, material balance, simulation, and other methods of analysis. Essential understanding of reservoir drive mechanisms, fluid flow through porous media, and volumetric behavior of reservoirs and in situ fluids.
  • Determine and incorporate components of a volumetric estimate of petroleum in place and recoverable quantities, including reservoir fluid properties, petrophysical parameters, and volumetric rock volume analysis. Volumetric estimates require interaction with geophysicists, petrophysicists, and geologists.
  • Compose essential information required to complete an economic analysis of future production streams through cash flow analysis and the time value of money. Economic analysis will require interaction with economists. The ability to complete full economic analysis incorporating worldwide fiscal systems and various software is an advantage.
  • Communicate results in a clear manner, verbally and in written form. Proper English grammar and composition ability is essential.  Language capability in French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and/or Spanish would be helpful but not required.
  • Operate industry-standard software to complete analysis of recoverable quantities. Experience with PhdWin, Aries, MBAL, Sapphire, Eclipse, GAP, and @Risk/Crystal Ball is an advantage.  Programming with macros in Excel and Visual Basic is a strength.
  • Work in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. At least a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from an accredited University.
  2. At least 5 years of experience involving reservoir engineering. Working for a major company in reserves/resources estimation is an advantage.  International experience is a plus.  Professional registration is encouraged if not already obtained.
  3. Experience with projecting estimates of future production from reservoirs and evaluating the value of such streams.
  4. Experience writing technical reports. Presentation skills and position advocacy are recognized strengths.
  5. Experience with databases to analyze significant quantities of data.
  6. Up to 25% domestic and international travel
  7. U.S. work authorization.

Next Steps:

. If interested and qualified, submit resume with cover letter. In subject line for email, indicate you are responding to “Reservoir Engineer” position.

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