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Ivan A. Fadeev

Ivan A. Fadeev

Ivan A. Fadeev
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Ivan A. Fadeev joined DeGoyler and MacNaughton’s Moscow office in 2018 as a geologist specializing in petroleum studies and reserves evaluations based on geologic, geophysical, petrophysical, and field engineering data. Before joining D&M, he was engineer in the 3–D geology modeling laboratory of Gubkin Russian State oil and gas University.

Fadeev graduated cum laude from Gubkin State University. He received a bachelor’s degree in geology and oil and gas exploration in 2012 and a master’s degree in oil and gas business in 2014. Fadeev is the author of six publications on the geology and exploration of the Pliocene stratum of the Absheron-Pribalkhan system of uplifts in Turkmenistan. He is fluent in Russian and English.

Geographical Experience

  • Russia
  • Turkmenistan

 Topical Areas of Expertise

  • Stratigraphic and structural analysis
  • Seismic and petrophysical analysis
  • Lithology and facies analysis
  • Regional and local well correlations
  • Reserves evaluation and classification
  • 2–D and 3–D geomodeling
  • Geological studies
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Reserves estimation

Major Projects

Fadeev has completed the geologic evaluation of oil and gas reserves for a number of fields in the Russian Federation. He has participated in multi-disciplinary teams for the evaluation of reserves under both SEC and PRMS guidelines.