Geological Studies

To guide exploration, appraisals, and field development projects in any basin, oil and gas companies need to know the full spectrum of geological processes responsible for the generation and entrapment of hydrocarbons. DeGolyer and MacNaughton’s large staff of experienced geologists provide the technical solutions and knowledge to help reduce uncertainties when evaluating geologically complex hydrocarbon environments. D&M geologists understand fractured terrigenous-clastic and carbonate reservoirs, sub-salt plays, shale gas, tight sands, and heavy-oil accumulations. D&M’s team of geologists offer unique skills and insights to help clients discover the most successful approach to exploration, field development and production. We support clients by offering the following capabilities:

• Basin evaluation
    ◦ Structural assessment and subsurface mapping
    ◦ Fault and fracture interpretation and modeling
    ◦ Lithostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy
• Core description: interpretation of sedimentary processes,
  depositional environments, and controls on rock properties
    ◦ Petrography
    ◦ Basin-history analysis
• Reservoir characterization
    ◦ Field-development planning
    ◦ Enhanced-oil recovery
• Geocellular model construction
    ◦ Deterministic
    ◦ Sequential-Indicator and Sequential-Gaussian Simulation
    ◦ Object modeling
    ◦ Multi-point statistics
• Unconventional resources consulting
    ◦ Shale gas
    ◦ Tight sands
    ◦ Residual-oil zones
• Exploration and prospect assessments
• Volumetric estimates and uncertainty analysis
• Equity determination