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Petrophysical Studies

Petrophysical Studies

  • Net pay, porosity, permeability, and water saturation estimates
  • Clastic, carbonate, and unconventional reservoir studies
  • Field studies encompassing thousands of wells
  • Advanced fluid level contact determination
  • Missed-pay identification
  • Reservoirs of all ages, Precambrian through Tertiary
  • Petrophysical database creation and verification
  • Geocellular model properties, rock types, and petrofacies estimations
  • Integrated petrophysical, geological, and engineering studies
  • Integration of core data, including capillary pressure and other SCAL data into the analysis
  • Evaluation of Russian logs and all logs from the 1950s forward
  • Image log processing and evaluation
  • Wellbore geomechanical analysis
  • Wellbore stability analysis