Unconventional Resources

Many DeGolyer and MacNaughton clients have unconventional reserves and resources in their portfolios, and D&M offers these clients the following services:

• Estimates of oil- and gas-in-place
• Well performance analyses using diagnostics and
  analytical/numerical methods
• Integrated analyses of geological, petrophysical, geochemical, and
  geophysical data
• Evaluations to characterize basin potential and identify sweet
      ◦ Shale gas and shale oil
      ◦ Coal seam gas
      ◦ Tight oil and gas
• Appraisal and development planning
• Estimates of prospective resources, contingent resources, and reserves
• Training and mentoring via courses, workshops and peer reviews

D&M has extensive experience in evaluating virtually all North American unconventional plays, using sophisticated modeling techniques and leveraging knowledge gained from working on unconventional projects worldwide.  The company has evaluated proved reserves totaling several trillion cubic feet of shale gas and several hundred million barrels of shale oil for its clients, which range from major oil and gas companies, publicly-traded independents, and privately-held corporations and partnerships.


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