North America Division

D&M’s North America Division is responsible for studies and evaluations on the lower 48 states and Alaska, as well as Canada.

The North America Division reviews thousands of petroleum properties annually.    The majority of these projects pertain to reserves and resources evaluations for oil and gas assets.   Given the turbulence in the oil and gas industry, the North American Division is heavily engaged in acquisition assistance, divestiture assistance, and fair market value studies.

The North America Division has completed more than 400 studies over the past three years on unconventional resources  across the region.  For example, D&M geoscientists have evaluated almost half of the unconventional wells that have been  drilled within the Eagle Ford Shale play over the past seven years. The firm has developed proprietary tools that support enhanced evaluation of unconventional assets, specifically well performance.   

The client base for the North America Division consists of  domestic exploration and production companies, as well as international players that have invested in North American oil and gas operations. The firm also serves private equity firms, lenders, and midstream operations companies.

In support  of merger and acquisition efforts, experts within the North America Division frequently help sellers evaluate offers, and when supporting buyers, will attend data rooms and help buyers evaluate the sellers’ data and development plans.  Our overall range of support for clients encompasses technical and economic analyses and even extends to making presentations to boards and other stakeholders on behalf of clients. D&M experts help  both buyers and sellers better understand the cost of participation in sales  transactions and their potential return on investment.   Given that team members average 20 years of experience in the industry, clients are getting opinions that are backed up by a solid understanding of the market. 

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