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Asia-Pacific/Latin America Division

DeGolyer and MacNaughton’s Asia-Pacific/Latin America Division is responsible for studies in and offshore from countries throughout Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent as well as Central and South America. The Division has vast experience with the hydrocarbon basins in these regions through years of studies and evaluations performed for clients in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bolivia, Brunei, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Trinidad, and Vietnam where professionals are dedicated to each geographic area.

D&M’s expertise in certifying gas reserves for gas purchasers, project finance, interest holders, and government-related agencies is preeminent in the world. D&M has provided requisite independent studies of the world’s largest concentration of LNG projects which are located in the Asia-Pacific region. D&M works closely with clients to meet their needs in this extremely active area of the world’s energy industry.

D&M has been actively working in Latin America for more than 50 years for government agencies, oil and gas companies based in Latin America, and multi-national oil and gas companies. D&M conducts annual reserve certifications for some of the largest national oil companies in Latin America, as well as many independent companies, and regularly assists clients during the different bidding rounds occurring in this region. The division has staff who are fluent in Spanish or Portuguese, and other staff in the division have a working knowledge of Spanish. D&M regularly publishes reports in Spanish (in addition to an English edition) for the benefit of its clients.

Client Stories

  • Antigua and Barbuda

    D&M’s experience in Antigua and Barbuda, which has seen no significant exploration for oil and gas potential, is limited to the neighboring petroleum systems represented in the Caribbean region.

  • Argentina

    In Argentina, D&M has conducted technical studies in most of the major producing basins, including Neuquen, San Jorge, Cuyo, Austral, and the Northwest Basin. These studies have included detailed reservoir simulation, arbitration of technical issues, and prospect evaluations. D&M has participated with clients’ technical staff in data room evaluations of properties involved in acquisitions in the Neuquen and Austral Basins. The firm acted as the primary consultant to YPF S.A. during the privatization sale of YPF S.A.’s properties in the Austral Basin in southern Argentina. As a part of this study, D&M opened and supervised the data room for the privatization process, developing a detailed database that could be used to forecast future gas deliverability for the entire basin.
    D&M has been very active in the evaluation of unconventional resources in Argentina, performing reservoir studies and reserves assessments for the major development shale and tight gas projects in the country, as well as exploration and appraisal areas.
    In addition, after conducting its own certification, D&M facilitates the local certification process in Argentina, interacting with local consultants registered in the Ministerio de Energía y Minas, as required by its clients.

  • Australia

    D&M has more than 40 years of experience working in Australia, having evaluated numerous onshore and offshore fields. For example, the firm has evaluated more than 80 fields in the Cooper, Eromanga, and Surat Basins for various clients. These studies have included all aspects of geoscience, including geology, log evaluation, engineering, and economic analysis.
    D&M performed the first major gas certification related to the Northwest Shelf fields, including the Rankin, Goodwyn, and Alwyn fields, offshore Western Australia. This series of studies for a number of interested parties represented a thorough independent evaluation of all available technical data from these fields. The studies were used to base financing and field development decisions pertaining to the first Australian liquefied natural gas project.
    D&M performs periodic reserves updates of the Darwin liquefied natural gas project, including the Bayu Undan field. Additionally, D&M has estimated reserves for the developing Ichthys gas field, also destined for the Asia liquefied natural gas market. D&M was asked by the Australian Government, along with the Government of Timor-Leste, to assess the original in-place volumes for the Greater Sunrise field area located within a unitized area between the two entities. D&M performed an evaluation from geophysical interpretation through geologic modeling of the reservoirs present within the field, including estimation of both the original gas and original condensate in place.
    D&M has evaluated several fields in Western Australia, including the Blina, Sundown, Harriett, North Herald, and South Pepper fields. Northern Territories field evaluations included the Jabiru and Challis, both of which were studied over a period of years during the delineation phase.
    D&M is currently evaluating several unconventional shale gas fields, tight-gas reservoirs, and deep coal-seam gas in the Cooper, Surat, and Bowen Basins for various operators. In the Cooper Basin, D&M has worked the Jurassic oil play and the entire Permian gas section, which includes the Toolachee, Roseneath, Epsilon, Daralingie, Murteree, and Patchawarra sands, shale, and coal reservoirs. In the Surat Basin, D&M has evaluated the entire Cretaceous and Jurassic coal-seam gas section. In the Bowen Basin, D&M has experience with various coal sections and also the deep tight-gas zones (Rewan and Kianga reservoirs) within the Taroom Trough.
    D&M has completed several field studies in the Bass Straits and offshore Tasmania. The firm also studied the exploration potential of the Gippsland Basin through anprospect evaluation and has performed several resources studies in the Browse Basin.

  • Bangladesh

    D&M has performed several technical evaluations in Bangladesh for both public and private companies, including the national oil company and two international oil companies. The firm has evaluated fields throughout the country for more than 20 years. D&M has evaluated the largest gas field in the country in support of future development and compression installation and developed independent estimates of original gas in place and reserves for the various activities considered for the field.

  • Barbados

    In Barbados, D&M has evaluated reserves of fields in the Woodbourne Development Area producing from complex reservoirs of the Scotland and Intermediate Unit Formations.

  • Bolivia

    D&M has a long history of service in Bolivia. During the 1960s, the firm performed a number of detailed reviews of all phases of operations of YPFB, the state-owned oil and gas company. The firm was the primary consultant in the capitalization/privatization process of YPFB, completing a reserves and economic evaluation of the entire country’s reserves in 1995. D&M has since updated that study, integrating the results of recent field activities and new discoveries, including those in the deep, prolific Huamampampa Formation.

  • Brazil

    D&M’s experience in Brazil dates back to the 1940s, and it has performed annual reserves certification studies for Petrobras since 2001. These studies involve an appraisal evaluation of certain fields distributed throughout the producing basins of Brazil. D&M has significant and ongoing expertise in the prolific “pre-salt” fields located in the Santos and Campos Basins, having evaluated all of these fields for several different companies, including Petrobras.
    D&M has performed appraisal evaluations of exploration potential in a multi-basin portfolio for a major Brazilian company. The firm has provided advice to the Brazilian national oil company on strategies to maximize proved reserves with offset drilling in newly discovered fields. D&M’s experience with complex stratigraphic, structural, and reservoir engineering problems provides a foundation for any Brazilian project.

  • Chile

    D&M’s activities in Chile began in 1975 when the Empresa Nacional del Petroleo (ENAP), the Chilean national oil company, initiated feasibility studies for the development of a liquefied natural gas project. The firm evaluated the reserves for the major oil and gas fields operated by ENAP for these studies. Since that time, the firm has performed a variety of projects for ENAP, such as the simulation of the major gas field in Chile (Posesion) and feasibility studies for enhanced recovery by water or carbon dioxide injection. Updates of the reserves of the ENAP fields are performed frequently. D&M has evaluated all the fields providing the gas feed to the methanol plant located in southern Chile. D&M has also evaluated the tight gas development project of the Glauconitic Formation in Chile.
    In addition, D&M is currently involved with an annual evaluation for GeoPark, the main non-government E&P operator in Chile, evaluating fields in the Fell Block and other areas of the country.

  • China

    D&M performs annual reserves and appraisal studies in China on more than 400 oil and gas fields for China’s largest government oil and gas company. This massive study includes virtually every productive petroleum basin in China. Other recent studies have concentrated on detailed studies of fields in the Jilin Province for a private Chinese E&P operator, several ongoing projects in the Bohai Bay area, and prior multi-year studies on several large gas fields in the Sichuan Basin. D&M has evaluated the Yacheng field project, offshore Hainan Island, one of the largest gas projects in China. D&M’s evaluation included 2–D and 3–D seismic interpretation and detailed geological analysis in order to estimate the hydrocarbons in place for this export-oriented gas field. Detailed reservoir engineering simulation studies quantified the initial reserves.
    D&M conducted fully integrated geologic-engineering evaluations of the Huizhou field complex offshore the South China coast in order to estimate reserves. D&M has also performed several reserves evaluations of various fields located in Bohai Bay for different field operators.

  • Colombia

    D&M has worked on projects in nearly every basin in Colombia. The firm has active projects with Ecopetrol, the government-owned oil and gas company, as well as many private and public oil and gas companies. D&M has extensive experience in the Llanos Basin. D&M has studied the giant Cusiana and Cupiagua oil fields since their discovery, and has provided geological and engineering reports for fields in the Upper Magdalena, Middle Magdalena, and Bogota Basins. The company performed a reserves and deliverability study of a giant gas field offshore from the Guajira Peninsula to determine the feasibility of a gas pipeline project. The firm also has extensive expertise on the evaluation of the highly faulted foldbelt tectonics observed in the Andean Cordillera.

  • Cuba

    D&M has maintained a knowledge base of the petroleum systems of Cuba, starting with Everette Lee DeGolyer’s 1918 article describing the geology of petroleum deposits in the country. Until recently, work by United States firms in Cuba was limited by the United States Government, precluding its direct involvement in the country.

  • Ecuador

    In Ecuador, D&M is considered the expert on the Oriente Basin and has performed numerous field studies. The firm has evaluated the Napo T, Napo U, and Hollin reservoirs across the basin using state-of-the-art, 3–D geophysical techniques. D&M personnel are familiar with the structural and stratigraphic styles in the Gulf of Guayaquil.

  • Fiji

    While no oil and gas discoveries have been made in Fiji, exploration activity in the late 1970s and 1980s focused in the Bligh Water Basin. The continuation of the trend of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs from Irian Jaya through Papua New Guinea provides potential for reefal- and turbidite-type reservoirs. D&M’s experience in Indonesia, Irian Jaya, and Papua New Guinea provides a foundation of knowledge and experience to address prospects and leads, as well as any potential discoveries.

  • Grenada

    In Grenada, D&M has performed a reconnaissance study of the petroleum potential of the southern offshore areas. This work built on the extensive prospective resources evaluation D&M has performed worldwide, providing a comparative knowledge base on which to characterize the potential for the presence of undiscovered resources.

  • Guatemala

    D&M has conducted technical studies in the North and South Petén Basin, the major producing basin of the country, since 1993. Studies have included review and interpretation of 2–D and 3–D seismic data; exploration potential studies; evaluations and recommendations of prospective resources; reserves estimations and appraisals in multiple fields producing from the Coban Formation; economic models studies; and 2–D and 3–D reservoir model studies.
    More recently, D&M has assisted with delineation, development planning, and reserves studies for a new gas-condensate field discovery.

  • Guyana

    D&M has been active in evaluating prospective resources in the Guyana-Suriname Basin on behalf of several operators over the last 6 years. Following ExxonMobil’s discovery of the Liza field in 2015, industry interest in the petroleum systems in this basin soared. The primary targets to date are oil-bearing, lower-slope to basin floor fans. D&M’s knowledge and experience in the basin continues to grow with the initial discovery and development phase of the Liza field discovery. The play type and depositional environments present in the Guyana-Suriname Basin are analogous to those found on the west coast of Africa, where D&M has extensive experience in evaluating reserves, contingent resources, and prospective resources in countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Ghana.

  • Honduras

    Exploration drilling in Honduras has been limited, with BG last holding rights to drill exploration wells. To date, no commercial oil or gas discoveries have been made in the country. D&M has extensive prospect evaluation experience throughout Latin America, including Colombia and Mexico. D&M’s knowledge of the petroleum systems onshore and offshore Mexico, coupled with its significant experience evaluating oil and gas fields throughout Colombia, enables us to assess the potential prospective oil and gas accumulations in Honduras.

  • India

    D&M has evaluated fields in most of the geologic basins in India, both onshore and offshore. D&M provides annual reserves evaluations for several of the largest private oil and gas companies as well as performing government required reserves evaluations for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and many additional privately held oil and gas companies. D&M’s experience ranges from the producing oil and gas fields in the Barmer Basin to the Bombay High. D&M has evaluated reserves, performed gas-balancing studies, and carried out fully independent certification studies as well as reservoir simulation studies for various clients. D&M’s knowledge and experience with producing fields in India is very well respected by both private and government-owned companies in the industry.
    Evaluations of the gas reserves associated with deepwater fields located offshore India in the Krishna Godavari Basin have been carried out, including detailed reservoir simulation of existing producing fields and new discoveries in support of development planning. D&M has also worked on behalf of the Government of India in evaluating fields that are located across multiple blocks for assessing the potential distribution of recoverable hydrocarbons.
    D&M performed a series of detailed reserves evaluations for the Panna, Mukta, and Tapti fields offshore Mumbai following the transfer of operatorship from ONGC to private companies. These reserves analyses will be used, among other things, to support project financing for continued development of these fields.
    D&M is conducting ongoing reserves and contingent resources evaluations for the operator of a group of developing oil and gas fields in Rajasthan that represent the largest oil discoveries in India in decades.
    During 1993, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2017, D&M completed major reserves studies for more than 70 fields in India, which represent the majority of the active oil and gas production fields in the country.

  • Indonesia

    The firm has evaluated virtually all of the gas fields in Indonesia, including gas fields used to supply the world’s largest liquefied natural gas plants, such as Bontang and Tangguh. For more than 30 years, and continuing presently, D&M has been closely involved with the Indonesian government oil regulatory agency, as well as the major international operators, local Indonesian operators, banks, and lending institutions that support the Indonesian petroleum industry. D&M pioneered the use of “gas certifications” as a way to bridge a gap between gas producers and gas purchasers. Through this concept, the firm performed the initial reserves evaluations for a majority of the fields that provide natural gas to Indonesian liquefied natural gas plants.
    D&M has recently been involved with technical studies of Indonesian oil and gas fields that have been designated as gas supply sources for domestic requirements and for sale into Singapore. These projects have very high visibility within Indonesia and the international financial community, and D&M plays a prominent role in the progress of this endeavor.
    D&M’s experience in Indonesia includes all types of depositional environments, from clean ultra-high permeability carbonates in Sumatra to complex, deltaic clastic accumulations in East Kalimantan and east and west Java.
    In addition to technical evaluations of producing oil and gas fields, D&M provides exploration-oriented advice to its clients for fields with little or no well control.
    D&M acts on behalf of its clients in technical data rooms to gather and interpret data for prospective oil and gas purchases. The firm provides the in-depth technical assessment, as well as the requisite economic analyses, designed to produce detailed after-tax cash flow results from which objective purchase decisions can be made. D&M has participated in several data rooms for Indonesian oil and gas properties, as well as others in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm’s team of technical experts has years of hands-on experience throughout Southeast Asia with such projects.

  • Japan

    D&M has worked for many Japanese oil companies in assessing their assets worldwide. In addition, D&M has evaluated the Minami-Nagaoka field, which produces from a fractured volcanic reservoir. D&M’s detailed petrophysical interpretation linking various volcanic facies to petrophysical properties formed the foundation for distributing the original gas in place. Coupled with material-balance analysis, estimates of reserves were prepared based on the field development. D&M has also evaluated reservoirs in the Nakajo field from which gas dissolved in the aquifer is recovered with produced water quantities. These fields highlight the variation in both reservoir fluids and reservoir rock type that D&M has been asked to evaluate.

  • Malaysia

    D&M has completed field studies on behalf of several multinational operating companies and the Malaysian national oil company, Petronas. The firm performs annual reserves evaluations and performed the initial and second certifications of the prolific fields included in the Joint Development Area between Malaysia and Thailand.
    D&M has completed reserves studies of the emerging gas discoveries offshore Sarawak and Sabah for potential inclusion in expanded Malaysian liquefied natural gas shipments.
    D&M has been actively involved in evaluations for potential acquisitions and divestitures of assets in Malaysia, accompanying clients to data rooms, and discussing technical and economic evaluations with client management teams.

  • Mexico

    D&M has extensive experience evaluating oil and gas fields in Mexico. In 1910, D&M’s founder, Everette DeGolyer, successfully recommended the drilling location for the world-class Potrero del Llano No. 4 well. Today, this expertise is carried forward in technical analyses and valuations that have encompassed most of the oil and gas fields in the Southwest Marine Region, including some of the largest fields for PEMEX, the government-owned oil and gas company. D&M also has experience in the Chicontepec paleocanal area and most of the gas fields in the Veracruz and Burgos areas.
    Additionally, D&M has evaluated exploration areas offered in the recent bid rounds, including analyses that include basin modeling, seismic interpretation, opportunity identification, and full prospective resources valuation. D&M is experienced in all productive basins in Mexico, having evaluated areas in ultra-deep water, deep water, shallow water, onshore, Chicontepec, and shales. The firm’s experience meeting complex geologic and reservoir engineering challenges provides a solid platform for any project in Mexico.

  • Mongolia

    Since 2007, D&M has performed annual reserves evaluations of two oil fields in Mongolia. The fields produce from multiple-pay sands, and each field has been developed with approximately 200 production wells.

  • Myanmar

    D&M has performed reserves and resources evaluations in clastic and carbonate reservoirs for various clients in Myanmar, some of the properties evaluated include the Mya, Shwe, Shwe Phyu, Yadana, Yetagun, and Zawtika fields, among others.

    D&M professionals have also evaluated numerous fields in the Asia-Pacific region with similar geological trends, reservoir properties, and development strategies to those located in Myanmar. D&M has analyzed fields across the region, extending from the Bay of Bengal (including every field in the Krishna-Godavari Basin and fields in Bangladesh such as Bibiyana), across the Andaman Sea (including the fields in Myanmar), and to the Malacca Strait (including evaluations near the Aceh and North Sumatra provinces). D&M has also performed an evaluation of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA).

  • New Zealand

    Through its long-standing cooperation with international operators, D&M has a lengthy history of evaluating oil and gas fields in New Zealand. Recently, D&M has begun working with local New Zealand companies to evaluate reserves as well as potential development options and enhanced oil recovery applications of local fields. D&M has an understanding of the complex royalty regimes under which fields in New Zealand operate. The firm regularly includes economic analysis as part of its evaluation projects.

  • Nicaragua

    There are no reported producing oil and gas discoveries in Nicaragua, though explorations efforts have resulted in at least one reported discovery located offshore. Most of the recent exploration activity has focused on the Sandino Basin. D&M has extensive exploration prospect evaluation and reserves experience throughout Central and South America from which to draw upon in the evaluation of potential hydrocarbon accumulations.

  • Pakistan

    D&M has extensive experience in evaluating reserves and resources within Pakistan. For more than 35 years, D&M has performed field studies on nearly every field in Pakistan on behalf of the investment banking community, multi-national oil and gas companies, Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC), and power generation companies. D&M has performed countrywide evaluations of the national gas supply for the purposes of forming a long-term energy policy for the country. These studies considered reserves evaluations and deliverability estimates of all gas fields to develop projections for numerous demand scenarios. The reports were presented to OGDC, various pipeline companies, and the World Bank.
    D&M performs reserves and resources studies for various clients on fields in Pakistan on an annual basis and has been involved in assessing both recoverable volumes and deliverability of those fields. These studies have included evaluations of the Sui, Pirkoh, Uch, and Qadirpur fields for long-term fuel supply for various power projects, including the Habibullah Power Project, the Kabirwala Power Project, the Liberty Power Project, and the Uch Power Project. In the past, D&M has performed studies of the Sui, Pirkoh, Bhit, Uch, Dhurnal Qadirpur, Suwan, Kadanwari, Miano, Nandpur, and Panjpir fields and 46 fields in the Badin Block. D&M is also familiar with several fields currently under appraisal in the Sindh Province. The firm’s experience extends to all of the major fields in the Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces, as well as fields in the Punjab and Northwest Frontier Provinces. D&M has long-standing relationships with many of the operators in the country, as well as with OGDC. In addition, D&M has been involved in the evaluation and certification of reservoirs as tight gas reservoirs for the purposes of acquiring the prices associated with Pakistan’s tight gas policy.
    Ultimately, D&M’s level of experience and familiarity provides the firm with an advantage in evaluating the fields in Pakistan that already exist and enable the firm to provide more robust and efficient evaluations.

  • Papua New Guinea

    D&M has completed numerous geologic and engineering studies in the Fly River (Papuan) Basin, emphasizing geologic and geophysical reconnaissance work. The firm has primarily studied the Barikewa and Kuru gas fields in western Papua. Recent reserves evaluations have included most of the highland oil and gas fields to be associated with the PNG liquefied natural gas project.

  • Paraguay

    D&M has evaluated several resources opportunities in the Pirity Sub-Basin, including the Lecho and Yacoraite Formations.

  • Peru

    In Peru, D&M has provided a wide variety of studies for its clients, including reserves evaluations in the oil fields in Blocks 8 and 1-AB (192) in the northern jungle area of the Marañon Basin and in Blocks Z-2B, Z6, IV, V, VI, and VII of the complexly faulted fields in the Talara Basin. In the Ucayali Basin, D&M acted as the technical advisor to the Peruvian government in preparation for international bidding for operation of the Camisea project. This work included the development of a compositional simulation to investigate the effects of reservoir fractures on recovery efficiency for a gas cycling project. The firm has continued performing evaluations of Blocks 56 and 88 of the Camisea project for a partner/owner, as well as the nearby Blocks 57 and 58.

  • Philippines

    D&M has evaluated many of the offshore Palawan Island oil discoveries on behalf of the companies operating these fields. The firm has recently completed a detailed reserves study of the Camago-Malampaya field, a major deepwater oil and gas discovery in this area. D&M’s experience throughout Southeast Asia lends significant technical expertise for the evaluation of both mature fields as well as undeveloped fields where field development planning is required.

  • South Korea

    D&M has performed detailed geophysical, geological, petrophysical, and engineering analyses on offshore gas fields for the purposes of constructing dynamic reservoir models for field development planning and forecasting future potential recoveries.



  • Sri Lanka

    D&M evaluated two gas discoveries located offshore Sri Lanka on behalf of Cairn India Limited. The discoveries were made in relatively deep water in the Mannar Basin. Evaluation of the potentially recoverable quantities of hydrocarbons was performed using geophysical, petrophysical, and geological interpretation coupled with engineering evaluation of the potential well deliverabilities and notional development plans. These fields have not yet been developed pending further study. These discoveries were the first of their kind in more than 30 years.

  • Sultanate of Brunei

    D&M has evaluated reservoirs offshore the island of Borneo. D&M’s experience covers gas-condensate reservoirs, oil reservoirs, and non-associated gas reservoirs. D&M’s evaluations have been performed in support of acquisitions, project finance, certifications, and annual reserves reporting requirements. The scope of its interpretations typically encompasses all facets of volumetric interpretation principles. Estimates of reserves and contingent resources integrate the various discipline-based interpretations into forecasts of potential future production.
    D&M has conducted extensive geological and engineering studies of five giant oil fields in Brunei on behalf of the national oil company. These studies involved not only in-depth technical evaluation, but on-site inspection of field facilities and operational procedures as well.

  • Suriname

    D&M has performed geophysical studies for offshore Suriname exploration, including QC of seismic processing, AVO analysis, and building of regional velocity models.


  • Thailand

    D&M has completed a complex, fully integrated geological and engineering study of the Bongkot field. This study was greatly complicated by difficult geology and the presence of significant amounts of non-hydrocarbon components in the wellstream gas. Compositional modeling was used to predict field performance and ultimate recovery.
    The firm is continuing to evaluate and estimate reserves in the Pailin and Moragot fields, Gulf of Thailand, as development drilling continues.
    D&M has also conducted reserves evaluations of the large producing gas fields in the Erawan field complex to support project financing of a major gas pipeline and has recently completed a reserves evaluation of a large emerging gas field in this area.
    D&M recently evaluated the majority of the oil and gas reserves of the Thailand national oil company, including fields onshore Thailand, fields located across the Gulf of Thailand, and the offshore Malaysian-Thailand joint development area.

  • Timor-Leste

    D&M was requested by the Government of Timor-Leste to assess the original in-place volumes for the Greater Sunrise field area located within a unitized area that is shared by Timor-Leste and the Australian Government. D&M performed an evaluation ranging from geophysical interpretation through geologic modeling of the reservoirs present within the field, including estimation of both the original gas and original condensate in place. D&M also performed the certification work for the Bayu Undan field, which is located within the Joint Petroleum Development Area between Australia and Timor-Leste, on behalf of the operator of the field. The certification work was performed in order to assess the reserves associated with the field prior to initial development. Both fields evaluated require transport for processing at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility. The Bayu Undan field has been producing since 2004. The Greater Sunrise field area development is still being negotiated.

  • Trinidad and Tobago

    D&M has extensive experience evaluating oil and gas fields in Trinidad and Tobago, working for its national oil and gas company as well as several foreign operators completing reserves, contingent resources, and prospective resources evaluations. To perform these analyses, the firm worked with data from seismic, petrophysical, geological, reservoir, and numerical simulation models. D&M’s experience with complex geologic and reservoir engineering problems provides a foundation for any project in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Uruguay

    D&M has evaluated several resources opportunities in the Punta del Este Basin, including the Albian-Aptian-, Permian-, Cretaceous-, and Paleocene-age targets. More than five license blocks were included in the evaluation. Additionally, D&M acted as the primary consultant to the national oil company of Uruguay during the divestiture of certain working interests in Argentina in 2016.

  • Venezuela

    D&M has performed a wide variety of geological and engineering studies in Venezuela. D&M acted as technical advisors to Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. for the appraisal evaluation of 17 fields awarded in the Third Marginal Round. The firm has unparalleled experience in the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, beginning with a study of the Cerro Negro area and conducting the certification of the first major Orinoco Belt project, Petrozuata. Detailed petrophysical, geological, and engineering studies have also been performed for the Sincor and Hamaca areas of the heavy oil region. D&M has developed type-well production profiles for proposed horizontal wells using reservoir simulation studies, including the effects of compaction and foamy oil pressure-volume-temperature behavior. D&M has also performed a wide variety of geological and engineering studies in both eastern and western Venezuela, including a detailed study of several prolific fields in the El Furrial Trend.

  • Vietnam

    D&M has performed reserves evaluations of several fields in offshore regions of Vietnam, including both sandstone and basement reservoirs for two international oil companies.
    D&M has also evaluated the exploration potential of two field areas offshore Vietnam in the South China Sea. These two geographically distinct areas contain several different hydrocarbon trapping mechanisms and are believed to contain both carbonate and clastic sediments.