Worldwide Petroleum Consulting


DeGolyer and MacNaughton leads the industry in providing relevant and reputable information to clients around the globe. D&M produces a variety of reports for its clients including but not limited:

  • Estimations of reserves and resources to be recovered from new discoveries
  • Verification of hydrocarbon and mineral reserves and resources
  • Verification of petrophysical, reservoir rock, and fluid parameters
  • Geological analyses and mapping of stratigraphy, depositional environment, structure, and net pay
  • Reservoir development and performance analyses (including enhanced recovery) using state-of-the-art numerical reservoir simulation models
  • Evaluation of properties for prospective acquisition or sale
  • Evaluation of properties to be used as collateral or financing
  • Evaluation of properties to be contracted/dedicated to a facility (i.e., plant, pipeline) where major capital expense or financing is required
  • Fulfillment of government reporting requirements or requests
  • In-depth technical and economic analyses, including cash flow results for purchases, sales and development decisions, and planning